An Introduction to Law

Yayınevi: İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Yayınları
Yazar: Rona AYBAY
Ürün Kodu: HT062
ISBN: 978-605-399-075-8
Stok Durumu: Tükendi
50,00 TL


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Kitap Künyesi
Yazar Rona AYBAY
Baskı Tarihi 2019/08
Baskı Sayısı 6
Boyut 16x24 cm (Standart Kitap Boyu)
Cilt Karton kapak

An Introduction to Law
Prof. Dr. Rona AYBAY
2019/08 6. Baskı, 376 Sayfa
ISBN 978-605-399-075-8

As its title suggests, this book deals with the basics of law, though it also contains many elements drawn from legal theory and philosophy.

Who will this book be important for? I see many different groups of readers who should be interested. The book is, of course, highly relevant and useful for newcomers to the law. Here they will read and learn about the important principles of law. But it will also be valuable for experienced lawyers who every so often wish the return to the basics, the sources as it were, and to measure their concepts of the law with these basic considerations. Given the vast field of law, it is fascinating – and indeed reassuring – to see that certain basic principles apply to all fields of law. In addition, I believe that this book will provide stimulating reading for laypersons who wish to see what "law is all about".

"I wish this wonderful text the success which it duly and truly deserves."

Prof. Dr. Mark Villiger
Judge at the European Court of Human Rights

"This book will give motivated students a good taste of the many varieties and forms of law, as well as a basic understanding of the functions, origins and foundations of legal systems, national and international."

John Darcy
Registry, European Court of Human Rights


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